Annabelle Rama snubs court hearing

Annabelle Rama

RICHARD Gutierrez was given the Fr. Satur Neri award by the National Commission on Culture and Arts and the Office of the Presidential Adviser on Global Warming and Climate Change last Friday for his involvement with the enviromental protection group Greenpeace and his relevant docus, “Signos” and “Full Force of Nature. His mom Annabelle Rama didn’t show up at the hearing of the case filed by Wilma Galvante against her also last Friday and just sent her lawyer as she chose to attend the awarding to her son.

She was teary eyed when Richard received his award. “I’m very proud of my son,” she said. Pres. Gloria Arroyo came later and she complimented Annabelle for looking good, to which Annabelle responded: “Mana lang ako sa’yo.”

From Annabelle, we learned that Richard is so generous he’s sending David, the son of his brother Rocky, to school at Colegio San Agustin. Starting June, he volunteered Read more..

Apparently, Ms. Annabelle Rama just shows his son is more important than any court hearing.

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