K Brosas has the ‘K’

kKris Aquino calls her “statuesque.” She is one of the best comediennes among the new breed of comics. Her timing is impeccable. She is spontaneous, quick and naturally hilarious. She sings like a singer, acts like an actor, dances like a dancer and she makes you laugh surreptitiously. She displays her talent as an actor in the Star Cinema movie T2 where she works with Maricel Soriano and director Chito Roño. “It was wonderful working with Maricel,” said K. “She is very generous.” K is also part of the teleserye Lovers in Paris where she plays the best friend of KC Concepcion.

Read on and get to know her better.

K Brosas was before a part of the group Gladys and the boxers with K but the group was disbanded because of the conflict between the girls. She is a very good commedian anyway.

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