Imelda Papin: New CD sold in US, Canada

Imelda PapinUS-based Imelda Papin is set to go international with her latest album, Voice of the Heart, which will be released not only in the Philippines but also in the US and Canada.

Last April 12, Imelda signed a contract at the Universal Hilton Hotel (Universal City, L.A., California) with Vic del Rosario Jr., big boss of Viva Records which is the exclusive distributor of the album in the Philippines and in Philippine record stores in the US and Canada; while the Warner Music Group is in-charge of its release also in the US and Canada in such outlets as Barnes & Noble, Borders, Zia Records and digital stores ( and itunes). Read more..

Seems Ms. Imelda is having her sweet success in the U.S. We hope it will be continuous for her.

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