John Lloyd figures in a car mishap in New York

John Lloyd Cruz

John Lloyd Cruz

NEW YORK–while shooting for the much-awaited Star Cinema film, “In My Life,” the car that John Lloyd Cruz was driving got into an accident. Playing the role of Noel, John Lloyd plays an illegal alien living in New York trying to make ends meet by working three jobs – one of which is driving a limousine.

The unforeseen incident occurred during one of the scenes wherein John Lloyd drives along the freeway. The traffic light ahead turned red. John Lloyd promptly stops. The problem was, the Chinese-looking driver behind him did not step on his breaks right away, resulting in his car bumping onto the limousine that Lloydie was driving. Read more…

John Lloyd is really great actor. He was the Box Office King in 2007 in their movie ‘One More Chance’. He was so lucky that he was not hurt during the incident in their shooting in the upcoming movie -  ‘In My Life’.

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