“Kambal sa Uma,” winner!

kambal3“Kambal sa Uma,” based on the komiks novel authored by Jim Fernandez, is primetime stuff in non-primetime slot! Its attention-grabbing story is told in fast-paced and believable realism through non-acting acting mostly by seasoned actors and organic production design. The linear storytelling is clear and narrative builds tension without the usual cloying melodrama. If quality is maintained all throughout the series’ run, “Kambal sa Uma” has just upped the standard of the afternoon drama series to full-length feature kind. The series’ first salvo is said to have a make-or-break effect and it is without doubt that “Kambal sa Uma” made it as a winner on preem day.

“Uma” means “tumana” or field. So “Kambal sa Uma” means “twin from the field” in reference to the rats from the field that they took after.

Kambal sa uma primer was last monday topbilled by Shaina Magdayao and Melissa Ricks.

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