‘Kambalilong’ premieres with high ratings


Focus E has done it again with “Kambalilong,” their latest hit that premiered last April 20. It is shown everyday right after the noon time habit of “Eat Bulaga.” The Sexbomb girls have shaken off a recent controversial incident in Boracay and still came up with a winner in their new show.

Kambalilong” is about twin sisters who have unusually large noses. Jopay De Jesus is Jopay Paguia, a struggling writer who goes to the big city to look for her twin Sunshine (Sunshine Garcia). Jopay is unable to find her but is able to fulfill her dream of writing screenplays for film. “Kambalilong” is the latest from one of the longest running TV shows “Daisy Siete” that has been on the air for 22 seasons.

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After a huge successed of  “Tarzariray” , there is another project that lines to sexbomb girls entitled “Kambalilong”. It main characters were sexbomb Sunshine and Jopay. The two really potrayed there roles as a daughter who happends to have a big nose.

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