Karylle: starstruck to Kristine Hermosa

KarylleKARYLLE was being pressured by some writers as to who between Jericho Rosales and Christian Bautista is closer to her heart but she insists that they’re not even courting her. “Nakakahiya sa kanila dahil pilit akong nili-link sa kanila and people might think I’m using them to be written about,” she says.

Karylle gets to do her first primetime teleserye since she moved to ABS-CBN in “Nasaan Ka Maruja”. She plays Helen, the half sister of Kristine Hermosa, who plays Cristy in the present time. She’s the first one who meets and becomes close to Derek Ramsay, who plays Ross. She’s in love with him but when he meets Kristine, it’s her character that he falls in love with. It turns out that Kristine already Read more…

Karylle is known for her sweet voice, now shes doing a new project with Ms. Hermosa. This is something to look forward to.

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