KC Concepcion is first cover girl of Women’s Health Philippines

kcLooking at the hectic schedules of today’s showbiz personalities, it’s easy to conclude that the stars hardly have enough time to eat three square meals a day and get eight hours of sleep. But KC Concepcion proves that you can be an actress and still be healthy. She tells the Philippine edition of Women’s Health in its maiden issue, “Every morning, even if my call time for the day is at 8 A.M., I’m at the gym. [My trainer] never lets me start the day without working out.”

Aside from being a pesco-vegetarian and following a specially-prescribed circuit training workout, KC also shares that she has declared 2009 her “Wellness Year”. She tells Women’s Health, “It’s funny because I haven’t even had the time to do my nails for almost two months! Now I’m realizing it’s so important to take care of yourself.”

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