Ogie and Michael V a big threat to Kris

Angelina (Ogie Alcasid) & Yaya Rosalinda (Michael V)

Angelina (Ogie Alcasid) & Yaya Rosalinda (Michael V)

“Hole in the Wall” hits “Pinoy Bingo Night” where it is weak: the lack of excitement. Unlike “Deal or No Deal” where the thrill built up from beginning to end, the excitement in PBN takes off and before you know it, the game is over…for a paltry winning. What’s P50,000 or even P1 million to P2,000 million, P3,000 million or P4 million? Since mostly celebrities have been winning the P1 million jackpot, it doesn’t offer instant wealth to millionaire wannabes.

Bingo maybe a favorite game by Filipinos but it’s considered poor people’s stuff. It doesn’t have much appeal to house owners. Probably to squatters. Despite being a Kris Aquino show, PBN has been failing to rank among the top 10 shows of weekday primetime national rating. ABS-CBN better act quick before GMA snatch again the lead for early primetime. Read more…

Seeing Angelina and Yaya in television will glue you in their show Hole in the Wall. You will really entertain by them. There’s really a possibility that Ogie and Michael V can be the threat to Kris Aquino’s show Pinoy Bingo Night. I always watch their Angelina and Yaya’s segment in Bubble Gang.

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