Pops, still ‘Hopeful’

popsYes, “Concert Queen” Pops Fernandez is still hopeful – not for Jomari Yllana to come back because that chapter with him in her life has definitely been closed – but hopeful for things to get much better in her life, 100% better in all aspects. “We need to really keep on hoping for better things to come,” she expressed during a break in a rehearsal the other day at Teatrino in Promenade, Greenhills.

Actually, the title of her forthcoming show at the Captain’s Bar of Mandarin Oriental Manila is “Hopeful” and that prompted us to ask what she is hoping for at the moment. The title of her newest album is also “Hope” so we were really intrigued as to what made her thought of using “Hope” as the title of her latest CD album, and “Hopeful” for her two-night solo concert at the Captain’s Bar. Did she want to send a signal to the one who left her broken-hearted?

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Even without lovelife Pops is still hopeful for more blessings in her career. Pops is now busy doing some shows and also making a new album titled Hope.

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