Gardo Versoza: ‘Prinsipe Sabong’ makes Pinoys proud

Gardo Versoza as Joey Estevens

Gardo Versoza as Joey Estevens

Many independent films have made the country proud by winning awards here and abroad. Joining their ranks is “Prinsipe Sabong,” a film about cockfighting. It won the prestigious Remi Award for Best Feature last April 27 at the 42nd WorldFest-Houston Independent International Film Festival.

Winning that award wasn’t easy for “Prinsipe Sabong,” considering that cockfighting was banned in the USA in 2006 – and let’s not forget all the American animal rights groups out there. When you think about all it had going against it, it’s amazing that the movie was given its due recognition. Read more…

Nowadays, Philippines created many multi-awarded Independent films that help to recognize that Pinoy are really talented. Some of the Philippine Indie Films were awarded not only here in the Philippines but also in abroad. I’m proud to Philippine Indie Film’s makers.

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