Sharon Cuneta will support Senator Francis Pangilinan over Governor Vilma Santos

sharon cunetaAs early as now, politicos have been announcing their plans to run for public office in the coming 2010 National Elections. One man that has been consistently asked about his 2010 plans is Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan. At the April 27 press conference of her movie Best Friends Forever, Senator Kiko’s wife, Sharon Cuneta was asked if the Senator would be running for Vice President in the coming election. “Yes. It makes me very scared and excited at the same time,” the Megastar confirmed.

In the meantime, Batangas Governor Vilma Santos, a long-time friend of Sharon’s, has yet to give in to requests that she run for the VP position. With this possibility still open, Sharon was asked what would she do in the event that her husband and her close friend would compete for the VP seat. “Is she (Gov. Vilma) running for VP? Read more..

Eventually, Ms. Vilma Santos has not yet decided whether to run for Vice President or not. But as we all expected, Ms. Sharon will always be supporting her loving Husband.

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