Vilma & John Lloyd: Breakfast in Brooklyn

John Lloyd Cruz & Vilma Santos

John Lloyd Cruz & Vilma Santos

NEW YORK–Here are some photos from the second-day shoot of “In My Life,” which I was able to cover. In this scene, Noel (John Lloyd Cruz) eagerly shows his “mother-in-law” Shirley (Vilma Santos) around Brooklyn, New York, where he and her son Mark (Luis Manzano) live as a gay couple. Shirley just arrived in New York to visit Mark. But Luis is “busy” with work. There is a plotline here that I cannot reveal so as not to spoil the story. So Noel is forced to spend time with his uptight “mother-in-law.”

He introduces her to the breakfast habit of native New Yorkers – freshly baked bagels! The uptight Shirley doubts that she will like the taste of bagels, a cute getting-to-know-you scene between them. Vilma, of course, is Luis’ mom in real life. Did she have bagel? Did she like it? Well, this is a delightful, amusing scene that should be seen on the screen. But the breakfast did not cause Shirley to warm up to Noel. No, not yet anyway. Read more…

I watched the news regarding this movie and the first plan was Edu Manzano will do the ex-husband and father cameo role.  But  he did not accept it so Tirso Cruz III will play the role.

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