Dawn Zulueta excitedly waits for her second angel

Dawn Zulueta

Dawn Zulueta

In the frenetic world of show business, one should be made of hardy stuff. Granted, it is glitzy and glamorous; however, it is still impossible to overlook the pressure that comes from being a part of this industry. First, there’s the need to always look beautiful for the adoring fans, and this includes being physically fit. After all, one must be fairly healthy in order to endure the demands of never-ending shoots, tapings, guestings, and other various commitments. Then, there’s the need to be constantly diplomatic and in control, despite real or manufactured controversies and intrigues.

Recognizing this side of show business, it is doubly refreshing to find someone that sticks to the rules of hard work, self-discipline, discretion, and professionalism. An actress who personifies this breed of showbiz celebrities is Dawn Zulueta. No wonder then that she has earned the admiration and respect of her peers and fans alike. Read more…

Despite of being a wife and a mother, Dawn stays physically fit. She’s still beautiful and sexy, that’s why she has many endorsements. There are many people who admire her beauty.

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