Glory days with my mom

Gloria Diaz

Gloria Diaz and Isabel Diaz

MANILA, Philippines – We talk about her life and mine. At 18, she was making her own money, traveling the world representing the Philippines. At 18, I was in second year college struggling to train for my football team, starting to earn my own money. She reminds me to study hard so that my life will be better than hers. “Education is the key to success” she says.

We see lipstick. She puts it on, so do I. We like it. She buys it for me. She asks to borrow my concealer, I trade her for her blush. We swap. She reminds me to clean my makeup and take care of my brushes. “Makeup is supposed to enhance your beauty, not change your face,” she says. Read more…

Isabel and her mom Gloria spend time to each other for bonding even in simply buying make-up.

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