Jennylyn Mercado stages own disappearing act

Jennylyn Mercado

Jennylyn Mercado

Did Jennylyn Mercado?

When asked the question, Jennylyn’s talent manager Becky Aguila and her “I Am Woman” director/publicist Calvin Neria did not answer.

But Jennylyn got sick and her voice was affected. Her doctor advised not to talk for the time being, leading to the postponement of the original “I Am Woman” presscon last Tuesday. It was reset for Saturday which she also did not attend. Nobody knew where she was, not even her surrogate mother. She was reported driving around the metro…by herself. “Baka tinopak,” somebody who knows her speculated. Jennylyn could be like that. Read more…

Jennylyn Mercado was the 1st Ultimate Female Survivor of Starstruck ( Season1). She has a son with her ex-boyfriend Patrick Garcia. It seems that she is very problematic now. I hope that she will be fine soon and can make more projects.

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