John Lloyd with Liz in New York?

JOhn Lloyd Cruz

John Lloyd Cruz

The “In My Life” shoot in New York with Vilma Santos and Luis Manzano is now over but John Lloyd Cruz decided to extend his stay up to May 19. The reason he gave is he’s taking a vacation. He’s returning on May 20. Is he going to meet Liz Uy there to take a much-needed vacation with Liz?

Liz is in Paris, France on a holiday with Anne Curtis, Isabel Diaz, Georgina Wilson, Bea Soriano, and Raymund Gutierrez. John
Lloyd asked Liz to go with him to New York but Liz refused as he had to work. Liz proved to be correct. John Lloyd shoot schedule was hectic as ¾ of the full-length feature had to be shot in New York. Could it be possible they decided to meet in New York now that he’s no longer busy so they can have an intimate time? Read more…

Maybe John Lloyd only wants to have  a vacation after the long-tiring shooting of their upcoming movie ‘In My Life’. It’s also a good thing that she also planned to reconciliate with her ex-girlfriend Liz Uy and to spend quality time together.

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