Kamikazee’s 3rd Album Release “Long Time Noisy”

Kamikazee 3rd album

Kamikazee 3rd album

Kamikazee finally got their much long-awaited 3rd album released as “Long Time Noisy.” These people are just ‘crazy-head-racking-soul-deranging‘ music maniacs and fans will just go out of their way to hold of this! Well, artistry comes in blends of chaotic harmony isn’t it?

The band’s fine arts students back in UP Diliman and is comprised of Jay Contreras as their lead vocalist, Jomal Linao on guitars and back-up vocals, Led Zeppelin Tuyay on guitars, Jason “Puto” Astete with the bass and Allan “Bords” Burdeos on drums. Read more>>

This is something the fans of Kamikazee should look forward to. Kamikazee band came from UP Diliman.

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