Lucy Torres-Gomez goes natural

Lucy Torres-Gomez

Lucy Torres-Gomez

Like most moms, Lucy Torres-Gomez goes to great lengths to ensure that her family is healthy by eating a balanced diet, complemented with proper exercise and outdoor activities.

“Richard and I have long been conscious of living a healthy lifestyle, it’s something that we observe religiously and we feel very lucky that Juliana has likewise imbibed this habit. Like in the things we eat, we make sure it contains no preservatives and made from natural ingredients. Of course, there are moments when we struggle, particularly Juliana with her occasional cravings for chips and sweets, but we do reach a compromise. Overall, I can confidently say that yes, my family and I live a healthy lifestyle,” says Lucy. Read more…

Richard Gomez is so lucky that he married Lucy, she is a loving wife to Richard. Juliana, their daughter is also lucky to have a devoted mom like Lucy. Being health conscious is really important, it keep us away from different diseases.

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