Will Luis Manzano’s gay role test him and his career?

Luis Manzano

Luis Manzano

Like any budding young actor, there was a phase in Luis Manzano’s showbiz career that he shunned gay roles. Either because he didn’t know what it will bring to his career or he wasn’t ready. But with his acceptance of his first gay character in Star Cinema’s “In My Life” opposite his mother, multi-awarded actress Vilma Santos, the answers to such fears will finally be answered.

Ms. Vilma Santos recalled that when Star Cinema offered him the role and gave him the script to read, he immediately talked to his manager about it and they met with the producers. Read more…

I think it’s really difficult to have a gay role in a movie, specially if it’s the first time. I think Luis did well in their movie with his mom and John Lloyd. Lot of his fans are waiting to see their upcoming movie.

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