Manny or Willie, who got more billions?

2milionaireManny Pacquiao’s destruction of Ricky Hatton brings once more the unresolved issue who is richer between him and “Wowowee” host Willie Revillame. When it comes to net worth, will he also destroy Will, Willie’s new official nickname. That’s probably easy to figure out. Manny earns in mostly in US dollars while Will in Philippine Peso.

Manny earned an estimated P580 million in his win over Ricky. That’s US$2 million or P50 million per minute for the entirety of the match. Manny earned the amount in one day but involving many days of preparation. According to experts, Manny is now comparable to Muhammad Ali as an all-time boxing great. With all the money he had earned in boxing,  Read more…

We can tagged them as one of the ” most ” riches people here in the Philippines, it doesn’t matter how high they earn everyminute or everyday, the real deal is how they spend their earnings. We do hope they can help other people and be a good example of those who aspire to be in their place.

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