Sandara Park: where gone?

sadra park Sandara Park, now going by the name Dara Park in South Korea, sneaked into the country and sneaked out after a week. Dara stayed in my house in Caloocan City house for several days. I don’t know why Krung Krung (Remember her pet name?) calls me “Lola,” perhaps because I’m the eldest in our barkada.

She appeared in “ASAP 09” as guest. She visited showbiz friends Melissa Ricks, Roxanne Guinoo, Raphael Martinez including ex-boyfriend Joseph Bitangcol. A few nights before she left, she visited high school friends, staying in a girl friend’s Pasay City home. Read more..

It seems Miss. Sandra Park or we call for her new name Dara had been here without people noticing her, just her few friends, we hope Krung Krung will be back here again. She is a very cute and talented girl.

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