Sarah Geronimo says she was not involve with rumored break up of John Loyd and her girlfriend

Sarah Geronimo

Sarah Geronimo

Yesterday, May 28 2009 was Sarah Geronimo’s pressconĀ  for the Philippine tour of her concert, The Sarah Geronimo: The Next One . The tour will start on June 12 in De La Salle Sentrum at Lipa, Batangas. Sarah’s guest will be Billy Crawford, Simon Wood, at Mark Bautista and Jollibee as the major sponsor of the tour.

As you will notice John Loyd will not be one of the guest in the said concert. According to Sarah John Loyd will be busy by that time. Did Sarah know about the rumored break up of John Loyd and his girlfriend?

She said that John Loyd never open anything to her about that and she never tried to ask. Even she already felt something on one of their shooting becauseĀ  John Loyd was being quiet and sad.

According to her she did not ask anything because she knew that she can’t give any advice to john Loyd becauseĀ  she, herself has never been into a relationship.

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