Sharon Cuneta sings for children

sharonI dreamed of something like this a long time ago. Sharon Cuneta was then 18 years old and beautifully pregnant with the baby who would grow up to be the gorgeous KC Concepcion. I thought then, wouldn’t it be nice if the still to be Megastar would be able to record an album of lullabies?

But as we all know that did not happen. Instead we ended up working on the soundtrack of the motion picture Bituing Walang Ningning. Two months before KC was born, Sharon broke box-office records with the movie that also starred Cherie Gil and Christopher de Leon. Along with the blockbuster can a big hit album with cuts from the movie soundtrack. The songs have since turned into classics and continue to sell up to now.

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Sharon Cuneta has a good heart and she deserve every blessing that God gives to her. Aside from her famous songs like “Bituing Walang Ningning”, “Dear Heart” ,etc. She had also a songs for all children and  she has this sweet voice that seems to have been made for lullabies and play rhymes..

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