The true story, according to Martin Nievera

martin nieveraAs I said, unlike some people I liked the way Martin Nievera sang Lupang Hinirang during the Pacquiao-Hatton fight. He sang it with so much fervor that nobody could say he didn’t sing it from the heart. I agree with Baby Orosa who wrote in her STAR column Sundry Strokes yesterday that Martin did a great job, even giving Martin a resounding “Bravo!”

I just got an e-mail from Martin who is telling “the true story” for the first time.

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Martin Nievera feel sorry about his version of the National Anthem..His hope and prayer is that everyone be free to sing the anthem without laws and limitations, but with pride and passion and respect for country and the history that defines it.  He said that he’s not there to please, he is there to represent our country..

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