Victor Aliwalas: Discovering the actor.

victor aliwalasVictor Aliwalas came to the Philippines in August of 2007 para lang magbakasyon. Prior to that, Victor’s only exposure to entertaining people is the one time na nag-model siya ng barong for his Filipino community in the States. So from just vacationing sa Pilipinas, paano napunta si Victor sa mundo ng show business?

“My parents, they’re part of a Fil-Am association back in the States, and we organize a lot of events there,” kuwento niya. “One of the [events] was a fashion show, and my mom [told me they] need models for barongs.” For Victor, wala naman daw kaso sa kanyang mag-model. “[But] the designer said, ‘If you were in the Philippines, you can be a model or an artista.’ But I thought they’re just making bola.” Read more..

Mr. Aliwalas is not only doing modeling but also have more activities and a family oriented man.

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