Willie’s joke taken out of context

Willie Revillame (Host of Wowowee)

Willie Revillame (Host of Wowowee)

At luch time of Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo’s secret wedding on April 28, “Wowowee” host Willie Revillame excitedly talked about its details and said he would show exclusive photos. He cracked it as a joke to Edgar Mortiz, the show’s Creative Director, not to reveal details as he would be fined P5 million. He referred to the alleged agreement with invitees that those who would spill the secret wedding’s details would be fined P5 million.

That’s it and nothing more! I watched this particular episode and I’m sure he did not say it with malice. It was Willie’s usual way of making fun of a situation.  Read more…

We all knew that Willie Revillame is  a  joker. He always made people laugh, maybe the joke of Willie regarding the  secret wedding of Judy Ann and Ryan means nothing.

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