Is Zaijan Jaranilla (Santino) overworked?

Zaijan Jaranilla & Justin John Mata

Zaijan Jaranilla & Justin John Mata

Seven-year-old Zaijan Jaranilla says during a “May Bukas Pa” shoot, “Tulog na tayo. Antay na lang natin ang cutoff time tapos uwian na tayo.” It was 1:30am.

Being a minor, is Zaijan Jaranilla working beyond 10pm? This can’t be as ABS-CBN strictly observes the 10pm cutoff for minor talents. Can he be overworked then? Read more…

Zaijan is the next Niño Muhlach according to some Filipino. A seven year old boy who can act like other great actors. Hope that the staff of May Bukas Pa will not let Zaijan to sleep late during the shooting of Santino.

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