Baron Geisler’s “alcoholic problem” bares by her ex gf

BaronBaron is one of the most controversial young actors in this generation. While his performance as an actor is stellar and his career becoming stiff, he has confessed to being addicted to alcohol and has been involved in numerous fights.

Her ex gf  Dionne Monsanto, former Pinoy Big Brother housemate, told abs-cbn NEWS  that it is true that Baron really has a drinking problem. She did try to stopped him from being like that but unfortunately Baron stills continue. That is one of the reason that they broke up with eachother and end their relationship.

He is now currently facing a law suit by former PBB housemate Yayo Aguila’s daughter Patricia alleging him for sexual harrasment.

And lately, new accussations was being charged to him by Yasmin Kurdi for acts of lasciviousness.

He is now considering changing network from ABS-CBN to GMA Network after being offered to be a part of SRO Cinemaserye of GMA Channel 7.

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