Bea Alonzo – Hayden Kho sex scandal?

Bea Alonzo

Bea Alonzo

From the Katrina-Hayden sex scandal, it was rumored that actress Bea Alonzo had also a past relationship with the very controversial Dr. Hayden Kho and has also a sex video. Bea has laughed off about this rumor and said that she had never been meet Hayden.

The actress is also an endorser of Belo where Kho is currently working with Vicky Belo. She strongly denied the allegation and said that she didn’t even meet Kho anywhere even in the clinic.

Bea once get worried regarding the rumored issue because it might affect her career. She asked the person(s) who made this issue to stop it because they don’t have the evidences and it is really inaccurate. Related Article

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