Juday continues endorsement even if she get pregnant

judayJudy Anne Lumagui Santos (screen name is Judy Ann Santos), popularly known as Juday (born May 11, 1978), is an award-winning and multi-nominated film and television actress in the Philippines. She has done several endoresements, movies, soap opera and sitcoms.

During her interview held at the ABS-CBN, she said that she will still continue to endorse even if she get pregnant. That she is blessed position when all whose products I endorse, didn’t take my marriage against me.

Juday said she looks forward to becoming a mother. At 30 years old, she wants to be young enough to have the energy to grow up with her child “and not helplessly watch him run away from me because I can’t keep up.”

The newly couples are very much in loved with eachother and in fact they were soon moving in to there dreamhouse.

Juday will be seen on her upcoming sitcom together with her husband Ryan Agoncillo, entitles “George and Cecil”. The show tells the story of an unconventional couple where the wife is tougher and more “man of the house” than the husband.

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