Judy Ann finally found her perfect partner

Judy Ann and Ryan Agoncillo

Judy Ann and Ryan Agoncillo

Judy Ann being a talented actress, joins a new family that is ” Sun Cellular “. Having her versatility, practicality, flexible, and innovative makes her a perfect partner for the said network. The way she portray as a powerful actress driven by her natural charm makes her way to stardom which attracts the public to watch more and more of her shows.
These preferences helped seal her status as one of the most influential celebrity endorsers in the country today.

Her recent wedding to actor-host Ryan Agoncillo was proof of Judy Ann’s simple outlook in life, opting to keep the occasion just between family and close friends.

With her feet firmly planted on the ground, this makes her a resemblance her chosen network. Practically speaking Sun Cellular really offers more than just savings.

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