Katrina Halili is “negative” for drug test result

katrina-halili1 Actress Katrina Halili has been talked of the town because of her controversial issues involving her and ex-boyfriend Hayden Kho.

She had been to PDEA or Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency to clear all the allegations to her by Mr. Kho that she is a drug users.

The sexy actress submitted a urine sample to the agency but PDEA reportedly said that the test result was inconclusive. Drugs in urine can only be detected three to eight days after taking them, reports said.

Hair samples, on the other hand, can reportedly provide a more conclusive test result. PDEA, however, is not yet equipped to analyze hair samples.

Halili accused Kho of violating the law on violence against women and their children in connection with the sex scandal. She also asked the Professional Regulation Commission to revoke the cosmetic surgeon’s license.

The actress also sued Kho’s mother, Irene, for accusing her of using drugs and influencing his son to take an illegal substance. On Tuesday, PDEA reported that she is negative for drug use.

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