Regine still sexy at 30

Regine Tolentino Regine Tolentino married at an early age of 18 to Lander Vera Perez. They’ve been married for 12 years already and blessed with two lovely daughters.

She is very visible on screen because of her GMA morning show Unang Hirit.  She is also one of the choreographer for SOP.  She is not just a good  Dance instructor also an Entrepreneur/businesswoman. And, most important of all, a happy wife.

She managed to stay young and sexy at the age of 30 mainly because of her positive thinking and time management. Her husband now is currently working at DFA at Intel Division. They are both happy now with their respective choosen careers.

Regine is endorsing YSA Skin Care Center which took care of her skin and give her a fresh, young ang looking sexy even at the age of 30.  She also said that No matter how busy you are (career & family) be sure not to forget to take care of yourself. Love yourself first.

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