Ruffa Gutierrez: Quarrel with her Mom

Controversial issues are part of  show business it gives people what to rumored about.   It’s up with the artist how their going to handle such situation.

ruffaRuffa Gutierrez is one of the most promising beauty queen and an excellent t.v host. She is managed by her mother Annabelle Rama.

The fact that she has been linked with 25 year old actor John Lloyd Cruz, she was rumored to be the reason behind the break up of the actor to his non-showbiz girlfriend. However both party vehemently denied the rumor.

Speculation is whirling that it was one of the reason of their argument. She recently move out from her mother’s house in Makati because of the controversy and thought that it’s time for her to move in to her own house.

And now that Ruffa and her mother is at the middle of misunderstanding or call it mother daughter quarrel.

We ordinary people really don’t know what’s true behind the dispute must know how to distance apart. Let them solve it with in their family and  let them have a close talk.

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