Cristine Reyes: FHM Worlds Sexiest Woman in the World

cr1After all controversies finally Cristine receive a good news.She won the title as FHM Sexiest Woman in the World.

Cristine was shocked about the news, she felt she was fat because she loves to eat. Cristine said to an interview “Naku ang totoo lafang kung lafang ako malakas ako sa kanin”, Cristine added she just loosed weight because she got sick. Cristine said she is now eating fruits, meat and pork which before she does not like before,”this could help me loosen weight” said cristine.

Actress said she get be more conscious to her figure upon winning the #1 spot in FHM.She will maintain her sexy figure
to retain the title for FHM. Actress added is now focusing to her showbiz career and set aside her lovelife.

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