Willie Revillame: receive gift from a samaritan?

willie1Willie Revillame is one of the favorite host nowadays. No wonder why his show Wowowee touches many lives both here and abroad. From his noontime show Wowowee, dated July 31,2009 he announced the mysterious gift he received. It was a red box but the sender was not attached. According to Willie the box contains three brown envelop, the two envelop contains 750K as written and the other one is worth 500K if will be sum the gift is worth 2million pesos in cash.

Who is this anonymous samaritan who gave Willie a gift?.

Whoever samaritan donated this money i’m sure he just wanted to help people and he just used Willie as an instrument to help other people.Willie does not need this money because he was so blessed, noontime show has a higher rating and he has a business and earn enough money for his needs.

The host was thankful for the gift even though he does not need this, he consulted his attorney and Willie decided to donate the money to different institutions. The first beneficiary is the Bantay Bata Foundation who help childrens that suffer pain and abuse. Second is the 71 Dreams Foundation who was built to help the family of the victims on Ultra Stampede who happened on February 4, 2006. Third, is the Overseas Filipino Workers in Dubai who can not afford to go back in the country due to lack of money. The first three beneficiary both receives 500,000 from the host. Fourth, he donated 100,000 to the conjoined twins who was under observation at Dr. Fabella Memorial Hospital at Sta. Cruz Manila. The remaining money was donated to Wowowee Foundation who has many scholars.

As the show goes on, one contestant touch the heart of Willie, she is a mother,who has a child that was confined in the hospital and can not be out due to lack of money. Willie decided to gave 50,000 pesos from Wowowee Foundation the fact that he owned this. The contestant was very thankful for the money she receives.
But from all of this Willie was so thankful whoever gave him the money.

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