Angelica Panganiban: Speaks. . .

thumbnail Actress Angelica Panganiban finally answers all controversies relating to her. The actress answered all contoversies one by one in an interview.
First, there are rumors that Angelica togther with her co-star in “Banana Split” namely Pokwang and RR Enriquez ganged up Cristine Reyes leading for the actress(Cristine) to leaved the show. Angelica denied the issues, according to her there is no ganged up happen “Walang nangyaring ganon talaga, as in walang ganon talaga,” Angelica said. Actress explained that the bonding of RR and Pokwang with her is different because they worked for shows here and abroad. Before the new format of casting in Banana Split show, Angelica and Cristine were super close, eventually it changed when new cast added.
Aside to Pokwang newly added cast were Pooh, Zanjoe Marudo, Jayson Gainza at John Prats.
“Nung sumama si Pokwang dun sa Banana Split, siyempre OA(overacting) ‘yung reaction ko. Happy talaga and then ‘yung mga boys, kaibigan ko silang lahat (like) si Pooh,”Angelica said.
When the new cast added misunderstanding happened because most of the time Angelica was always on dressing of the other cast. Misunderstanding happened to part of Cristine, they were civil but something changed. Actress added they did not given a chance to talk because when Cristine leaved the show Angelica was not around.
Actress added “Meron na rin akong narinig na isyu na may galit or tampo pala siya sa akin. Umiwas na rin lang ako”.



Meanwhile, actress was so happy when his boyfriend Derek Ramsay gave him a mini cooper. The couple will celebrate their third-year anniversary and the mini cooper is the advanced gift. Derek and Angelica talked about their gift to each another and Derek asked for an expensive “Rolex” watch, then Angelica said give me first the mini cooper, months past and the mini cooper was gave to Angelica,actress named the car as “Baby James Cooper”.


Kris Aquino said to the interview that Angelica should not give Derek the Rolex watch because both Derek and Angelica mini-cooper1
are Swatch endorsers, Kris added they should loved their endorsements.
Questions added that why a Yellow Mini Copper actress answered “Gusto ko talaga siya. Gusto ko lang siya at feeling ko bagay siya sa akin.”

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