Carla Abellana: Still pressured until now

No matter how busy Carla Abellana in her hectic schedules, she still manage to enjoy the taping of Rosalinda, she was asked what what are the changes happened to her from the moment Rosalinda started, she said “Appetite first, then energy and Lifestyle.

In the press conference of Rosalinda held recently, Carla once said that many still don’t know her, but now,she’s popular anywhere she go all the people see her call her Rosalinda.
What can Carla say with the rating of Rosalinda that sometimes they top and sometimes their opponent lead?

“Opo, on and off siya”, Carla revealed what is important is the story still good and there still people who support the show.

Does she feel pressured until now ?

“Nandiyan pa rin”, Carla admitted. And it grows and grows since Rosalinda started . Despite of this, she can still manage because there are many people who always there to support and assist her.

Even Carla is a newcomer, she really gives her best so that i also give my fullest to support her. Carla just always remember that we, your fans , always be there for you to support. More Powers for you Carla “Rosalinda”.

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