Dingdong Dantes: visits ABS-CBN?

ddDingdong Dantes is one of the country’s successful actor today. Dingdong is one of the top Kapuso Network leading man. As reported, Dingdong again goes back to ABS-CBN compound last July 27,2009 for one reason.
“Lilipat na kaya ng istasyon ang aktor?”
But before any news comeout, Dingdong answered the reasons why he is in the ABS-CBN compund. According to Dingdong he was on ABS-CBN for the taping of MYX because he was a guest celebrity VJ for the month of August.
Dingdong will be the guest host from August 9,2009 to August 22,2009 which has a connection to the promotion of his music-video album entitled The Dingdong Dantes Experience.

Upon arriving to ABS-CBN, Dingdong proceed at the 4th floor of Talent Center Building for MYX taping. Although it was clear that the actor was not signing any contract to ABS-CBN there are some fans who saw Dingdong asking him why he was in the ABS-CBN compound. The actor was only smiling to the fans calling him.

When the ABS-CBN reporters knew that Dingdong was in the station, question was asked to Dingdong and he was nice answering questions. One is “Hindi ba siya natatakot na magkita sila ni Karylle?”. Dingdong answered “Hindi naman,wala namang dapat ikatakot o iwasan. So, no problem.” Another question asked, what he will tell to Karylle in case they meet. Actor just answered “Nice place you got here.”
According to Dingdong it was a new experience for him to tape for MYX as VJ and he knows he will learn a lot.

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