Erick Santos: The Jim Brickman Song Book

Erick is so happy that he was chosen to work with Jim Brickman. He went to Los Angeles to record all the song to be included in the album “Erick Santos:The Jim Brickman Song Book”.
Some of the song included in the album is Jim Brickman’s Very popular song “Valentine and Destiny”.

Erick said that Jim Brickman is so kind, ” I really had a great time working with him”, Erick added. Erick learned a lot working with award winning American singer.

Jim Brickman will come to Philippines to join Erick in a one major concert.

I am so proud of Erick, that he’d be able to work with Jim Brickman. Erick not only conquer Philippines but all international. It’s not surprising because we all know that Erick is really a great singer. Filipino’s are really very talented , we don’t only excel in sports but also in singing and acting. “Iba talaga ang pinoy”.8

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