Eugene Domingo: Misunderstanding to Regal

Moving to other networks doesn’t affects Eugene Domingo’s popularity. In fact, she’s always seen on TV, she has so many appearance in different shows of GMA. She is part of GMA’s eugene_domingocomedy series “Adik Sa’yo”, starring Jolina Magdangal and Marvin Agustin, Jennica Garcia and Dennis Trillo.

She already started shooting movie produced by Mr. Piolo Pascual “kimmy Dora”.

It took about one year for Regal Film to plan the movie “Aswang ang Nanay ko”, wherein Ai ai Delas Alas plays the role of “Aswang” and Eugene will act as “Sidekick witch.”

The role supposed to be given to Eugene but unfortunately she had a misunderstanding to regal. If ever Eugene pursue the movie “aswang ang nanay ko”, she will be starting shooting the first week of September.

I really admired Eugene for she is very versatile actress. No matter what network she’ll goes she still shine.

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