Gabby Concepcion approves Piolo Pascual for his daughter

Even though KC and Gagabbybby don’t get to see each other often, he was aware of the fact that Piolo Pascual has been courting his daughter. He was now open to answer the questions about that issue. “That’s old news e, kalat na kalat na ‘yan. Siyempre we will not deny that dahil alangan namang ako lang ang ‘di nakakaalam.” Gabby said. When he asked if he approves the match, he qickly reply Yes. Just like Sharon Cuneta who was vocal about wanting Piolo Pascual as KC’s future husband.  “Oo naman, mabait naman siya. Siyempre sino ba naman ang hindi dahil ang alam natin sa kanya okay siya. Sana nga yung friendship nila mas tumibay pa and I hope tuloy-tuloy yung friendship nila,” he replied.

But if he was giving his daughter an advice, Gabby stressed that she should not rush into anything that she’s not yet ready for.  “Sabi nga nila enjoy it while it lasts. But at the same time, be careful with your emotions. You have to control your emotions dahil baka ikaw lang ang masaktan. But whatever it is, siyempre nagkasama kayo because of circumstances, you have to be mature enough to accept what comes with that responsibility. So ganon lang, bumabalik ulit sa take it slow at saka think before you act.” Gabby said.

Gabby was relieved to know that KC recently assured Sharon that she has no plans to get married anytime soon even if her suitor or byfriend was the country’s ultimate hearthrob. “O ‘di good! Because I don’t want to be a young lolo!” he laughed. “Hindi… Basta’t masaya ang anak ko masaya na din ako. Hindi ko naman buhay ‘yan e. Ang importante lang siyempre kung saan siya masaya otherwise kapag mabigat ang dibdib niya mabigat din ang dibdib mo, ganun lang naman ‘yan,” he finally stated.

Gabby is a father, and has right to get involve in his daughter’s life. Specially when talking about KC’s suitors and about marriage. Atleast his open about what is going on to his daughter’s life. As long as he still become a father to KC, support, understand and love his daughter he can be a good father.

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