Jennica Garcia: “Soulmate of Dennis Trillo”

soulmateJennica Garcia is the only lovely daughter of Jean Garcia, born on December 26, 1989 in Quezon City, Philippines. She was first seen on Television as Karen Manansala in Impostora and got a biggest break in her role of Eliza in the Philippine Version of the popular Korean drama series, Kim Sam soon.
She has been part of Gagambino with Dennis Trillo and now Jennica has given a chance to be the Next Dennis Trillo’s leading lady in GMA Telebabad series Adik sa’yo. A story of love addiction wherein she plays the role of Karen Maglipon, who is searching for her true “soulmate” and believed that it is Dennis (plays the role of Ruben Domingo). adiksayo

The newcomer actress has proved that she really deserve the role; why not? She fits and acts good! Their new theme-up hooked the taste of many viewers with their chemistry not only in Manila but also the nation. They made viewers feel that soulmate do exist. There are rumors now that Jennica is being link with her co-star Dennis Trillo but no one really knows the true story behind this issue. Can Jennica really find her true soulmate in the personality of Dennis Trillo? Let’s just wait for their next news.

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