John Estrada: happy with ex-wife Janice de Belen gestures?

DSC00056Last July 23, 2009 talents of late Douglas Quijano celebrated his 40th birhtday. A lot of guess was present to the event. Despite of this guess were noticed the tension between ex-couple Janice de Belen and John Estrada, if you were remembered the couple was 10 years in marriage before they filed annulment.

Maybe as respect to late Douglas Quijano, the three (Janice, John, Priscilla) was very civil. During the event, Janice was only two seats apart from her ex-husband John. Noticed to the event that Janice was not looking to John until John approached her.The two were civil talking to each other. According to John they have communication with each other but only through phone calls and not in person, for them to talk about their kids. John said, he gave the custody of the kids to Janice because he knows Janice was a good mother and will take care of their kids.

On the other hand, spotted on the same event janice just say “Hi” to Priscilla when they saw each other to the party.
In my opinion this “Hi” is a good move from Janice, she was showed to the public that there were no hurt feelings even though Priscilla is John girlfriend. According to news John already introduced Priscilla to his kids. Knowing that Priscilla already meet the children od John is this an indication that Priscilla is welcome to the kids?
John was happy to the gestures that Janice made.

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