John Lloyd Cruz and Liz Uy Cross their Path Again

In the press conference of the latest product endorsement of John Lloyd Cruz, everybody was shock to see Liz Uy. John Lloyd give Liz a hug after he give the Liz’s price on the raffle at that night. That hug symbolized that they were in good terms now after their bjohnandlizreak up. “Yung embrace, it felt good…I was very happy to see her dahil di na kami madalas magkita ngayon” John Lloyd said. He admit that he misses his ex-girlfriend Liz because that is the last time he saw her after their break up. But when media tried to interview Liz, she didn’t give the media a chance to interview her about the insidence.

Beside from that there’s something that they noticed to John Lloyd, its his new look. Someone ask him if that sudden make-over has an influence of his love life now, but he just laugh and deny it. Their are two important things for him rigth now; his career and his mountain biking. And to explain everything about the sudden change of his image, he said that this is part of his upcoming movie with one and only Star for All Seasons, Ms. Vilma Santos that will be seen in the month of September.

About John Lloyd and Liz, its a personal matter. Liz choose to be silent on that night and we need to respect that or the media must respect that because its a private issue. It doesn’t matter how long they been in a relationship, the most important is that they are willing to forgive each other even they had a big issue why they break up. We should give them a time to move on. And even they meet again unexpectedly, we should respect their silence if they don’t want to talk about it. Even an actor and actress has a private life, and we need to respect it.

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