Rima Lorza Otswani: Not Jealous of Kristine Hermosa?


Diet celebrate his birthday at K.I.D.S. Foundation at Bulaon, Pampanga last Saturday, July 18, 2009. And his with her girlfriend Rima Lorza Otswani. “This is the first time I joined him for his K.I.D.S Foundation and I’m so happy. I’m so proud of him too” Rima said.

Diet and Rima will be celebrating their first year anniversary this year. Diet and Rima faced a lot of trials in their relationships. One of them is when Diet had a health problem in the America during their Star Magic Concert Tour. Rima was aware that Kristine is the one take care of Diet in the hospital. “I would like to thank her for her support and for being there for Diether.” said Rima. And when skristine-hermosaomeone asked her if she feel jealous to Kristine, she said  “Ay! Hindi naman. Hindi naman po kasi I’m very secured with what I have with Diether. So, ‘yung talaga sobrang strong nu’ng foundation namin. So, we’re very  happy and things like that, hindi na po kailangan.” Did they meet? “Ah, we’ve met already. She’s very nice.” Did she heard the news that Kristine said that she want to be with Diether again?“Ah, I haven’t read about that. Hindi ko po masasabi kung totoo po talaga ‘yun. So, I cannot comment po talaga.”

Did she think that their relationship come up into marriage, like what happened to Kristine and Diet?  “Well, all I can say right now is I’m very, very happy with him and I’m very contented. And wherever God will take us I’m willing to go.” Rima stated. Is she ready to get married to Diet? “Ah, wala pa naman tayo doon. Pero we will see po. Pag-iisipan ko,” she said.

I think Diether wants to be with Rima forever. But who knows? Someday we just heard to the news that thay will getting married. Or they are already separated. We can not say what will happened on the next day, weeks, months or even years. In the relationship, as long as they have respect, trust and love each other, it might last forever.

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