Stef Prescot dream to step on the stardom

Stef Prescott started in Starstruck with her Co-star Kris and Aljur whom are also her co-star in GMA Prime time soap opera “all my life”.
She mentioned that she’s really grateful to once again she was given a chance to work with her starstruck batch mates and friends. When she found out that Kris and Aljur will lead a soap in prime time and that she will be part of it she said that “sige gusto ko yan”.

Stef just became real and practical in admitting that she is hoping that someday she will also have her own project in GMA.

Everyone in showbiz always pray that they become what they want and be famous. “You just really have to be patient, It comes and goes”, stef added.

Almost all newcomers ad even old in showbiz industry are dreaming and hoping to be given a role that will bring them in stardom. “Luckily” , are those who already achieved these opportunity. All i can say to you stef, don’t be tired of waiting because sooner or later, time will come and you will shine like a diamond.

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