Valerie Concepcion: torn between guys?

val21Just recently rumors arouse that Wowowee host Valerie Concepcion was torn between three lovers?. Yes it was true that Valerie linked with three guys, namely Manuel Chua, Dondon Hontiveros, John Avila.
First guy is Manuel Chua, Manuel enter showbiz just last year from the reality show Pinoy Fear Factor. The actor is knowned for his breathtaking records and called as “Super Manuel“. Valerie and Manuel played a role in the series of Bud Brothers wherein they were loveteam. According to the interview, Valerie said “Si Manuel, napakasweet niyang tao. Napakabait. Minsan pag nagte-taping kami, pagkakain, magiiwan yan ng chair sa tabi niya tapos sasabihin niya sa akin, sabay na kaming kumain.” But Valerie cannot choose between Dondon and Manuel.

supreme3eu41 In my opinion, if Valerie will choose between her lovers better not to choose Manuel. Why? If you were remembered when Manuel join the Fear Factor and his inspiration was his child. His kid was the reason why Manuel continue to fight for the challenges. We knew that Valerie has a kid but Valerie doesnt marry any man, so it was safe for her to date with single guy or guys. But Manuel, is he married man or not? Better check, unfortunately if Manuel is married Valerie will become mistress.

hontiveroszs42On the otherhand ,another guy involved to Valerie is the basketball player Dondon Hontiveros. Dondon is knowned as player for San Miguel Beerman team. Its been in news that both(Valerie and Dondon) seen dating for a long time. “I do go out on dates. Wala namang mali doon. Saka we’re friends naman talaga, group dates lang. Status? Ano bang status? Basta ako, ayoko muna talaga ng label label na ganyan, gusto ko yung nakikilala ko muna yung isang tao.” actress said. According to news Dondon already meet the child of Valerie.
Can this dating turns to reality??. The mere fact Dondon already meets the child of Valerie.
Another issue is that, mother of Valerie already meet Dondon. According to reports Valerie’s mother was “boto” if Dondon will be the boyfriend of her daughter.

Again same as Manuel, Dondon also has a kid but never got married. So is this an answer that Dondon and Valerie can be lovers?

Through interviews Valerie admit one thing “Siyempre naman ang tagal na naming nagdi-date. So siyempre sinasabi ko naman na gusto ko yung tao. Kaya lang there are some complication talaga na ano…na alam n’yo yun na hindi talaga pupuwede maging kami. So enjoy-enjoy na lang sa company.”

What does Valerie means? Dating but can never be boyfriends and girlfriends?We’ll find the answer later on.

jon-avilaThe next guy and the latest is John Avila. He is a half-Irish half-Filipino model who won the title Century Tuna Superbod 2006 contest in the male category and later became a Bench endorser. John played the lead character as Kapitan Boom at ABS-CBN.
Valerie and John meets at workshop in ABS-CBN for one project, whrein the two got the chance to work for each other to remove inhibitions.
“Parang sasabihin namin sa ilang kasama namin sa room na ‘I’m reluctant to say that…’ tapos dudugtungan namin. Ako, ang sinabi ko kay Jon, ‘Im reluctant to say na sobrang ganda ng eyes mo’ sabay tingin sa kanya, kaya natawa ako ng sobra!” actress said.
Although there are speculations that the two were link, still no confirmations on both side release if they were dating.

I think Valerie is now more makilatis at naninigrado sa pagpili ng taong mamahalin. Hindi kaylangan magmamadali sa pagpili ng mamahalin. Sabi nga nila sa tamang panahon dadating ang nakatakda para sayo at kahit anong iwas, darating at darating ito.
We can say Valerie is busy for her showbiz commitments and she is now the new endorser of Belo Medical Group, together with her friend Jennylyn Mercado. Nararapat lang na mahalin siya ng taong deserve sa pagmamahal ng aktres.

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