Dingdong and Marian: kiss on. . .

aLately Marian and Dingdong were reported doing “public display of affection” at Marian’s birthday party. Just recent the two were seen having a kissing scene in the taping of birthday TV special, Dantes Peak, last Friday, August 21, at Studio 7 of GMA Network Studios. But before any rumored come out Marian reason out that it was part of the show.

Together with the female trio La Diva (Jonaly Viray, Aicelle Santos, and Maricris Garcia) singing the romantic ’70s song “Can You Read My Mind,” Dingdong and Marian performed an interpretative number that ended with a kiss.

Do you think the rumored relationship of Dingdong and Marian was true? Or this is one of public strategy to gain more fans and for their team up be more successful. Well we will find out when the two revealed the real score between them.

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